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Are you invaded by rats in your personal or professional room and you no longer know what to do? Are you the victim of a rat colony and things are out of control at home? Do you want to find an efficient and sustainable solution? Call a specialist !

Pest control companies are the best way to get rid of your invader once and for all. But then, who to call for a rat control in Pennes-Mirabeau ?

Pennes-Mirabeau rat control company

Nuisibles Exper t is a rat control company that travels all over France, including Pennes-Mirabeau . Our team answers your call, anytime, anywhere. We offer our rat control services every day of the week, even on weekends.

You can even contact us to intervene  CoinJoin urgently for cases that cannot wait.

Our team will obviously respect your privacy and your privacy and operate with complete discretion. With experience, we have been able to develop efficient, rapid methods without any damage caused.

Our company is approved by the Ministry of the Environment and our products comply with current rules. The products and equipment we use is dedicated only to professional use, so you are not likely to find it in supermarkets or over the counter.

The toxic products used only target the animal’s body, without causing any danger to your health, that of your pets or even your plants.

Les Pennes-Mirabeau extermination

Why call an anti-rat professional?

Le rat est un rongeur qui vit dans des lieux très contaminés, c’est pourquoi, il est considéré par les professionnels de la santé, comme étant un vecteur de maladies. En sachant que le rat attaque dès qu’il se sent en danger, il est conseillé de vous en éloigner et éviter de rentrer en contact avec lui, au vu des maladies qu’il transmet par morsures.

Faîtes appel à un expert dès les premiers signes de la présence d’un rat chez vous, car c’est un animal qui se prolifère très rapidement et vous pouvez en un rien de temps, vous trouvez face à une grande colonie, ce qui va rendre la tâche encore plus difficile. Si vous souhaitez plus de détails, cliquez ici.

Comment se déroule la dératisation ?

Once there, the Nuisibles Expert team will first do an analysis of the site to determine the degree of infection and determine whether we are dealing with a colony or an isolated case, then detect the breed. rat to use the appropriate products.

Then, depending on the results obtained, the professional will establish his action plan using the product and the appropriate equipment, which will give the best results for your case:

  • A sprayer,
  • Powdering,
  • An agri-food gel,
  • Traps ….

Subsequently, he will block the holes and exits that allow rats to sneak into your home and give you advice to prevent you from re-colonizing.